Whether your in the education, legal, retail, entertainment or any other industry, A to Z Video will make it a priority to learn about your corporate vision and your business. We have been directly involved with helping our clients launch new products and to meet their advertising goals throughout the country. Web based video ads and promos are everywhere. Edgy and thought provoking videos on the internet can go viral in a matter of hours. Have your business attached to the next viral video. Have us take care of your next marketing project and see how far we can take you.

  • Music Videos
  • Infomercials
  • Commercials
  • Promos
  • Legal & Law Enforcement
  • Youtube and Web Videos
  • Smartphone & Tablet Videos for Portability


The size of today’s equipment may look small, but it is quite powerful for our video needs.  Current technology allows us to move quick and light around a shoot.  It’s great for a multiple location shoot as well as tight spots. 
You can plan on having one or more cameras, microphones, lighting, teleprompter, producers, directors, floor managers or whatever else your shoot may call for.  We keep all shoots within the client’s budget and we can have full control of the project from scripting to delivery, or not.  It’s up to you.


17-my-choiceSometimes situations arise when a letter, speech, or presentation just isn’t enough. We’ve created innovative and exciting promotional videos that not only impress but provide powerful results. We can meet every equipment demand and satisfy any client need. From scripting through postproduction, we can help you define your company’s message, polish your image, and target your specific audience.