Editing Services

We do not have to be the ones to shoot your video in order to edit your video.  Bring us your footage and we will turn it into a professional production complete with titles, sound effects, special effects, audio sweetening, production music, and anything else you desire.  We can output to any number of formats in order to get your video across any device.  Streaming or downloading, dvd, blu-ray, mov, avi, mp3 or any other format.  Our techniques will allow you to generate editing lists of your video in the comfort of your own home.  We can rough cut your video and you can proof it from anywhere in the world. Save time, money and your sanity.

  • Any video can be edited no matter the format.
  • Transfer tapes, film or anything to dvd, blu-ray or to digital files.
  • Any videos can be transferred to any format.
  • Competitive hourly rates and completed project prices available.

DVD Transfers

A to Z can take any format video tape including:DSCN0390

  • 8mm
  • Hi8
  • Digital8
  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • Mini-dv
  • Betamax

Let us know what title you want printed on the dvd and we’ll get it on there for you.
Once the initial transfer is made, dvd copies are cheaper and easier, so you can give
them out to family and friends.

Transfer any format to dvd:  Please contact us for pricing

DVD copies:                 $8.00 each


Film Transfers

Old reels laying in the closet for last 50 years?  Maybe it’s time to look at them again.  We’ll take your old films, clean them, lubricate them, re-splice them as needed, add music, add titles, and add anything else you  want.  It is a great moment when you can go back and see what your grandparents were doing and not have to find the old projector to do it.  It’s a special feeling and an emotional high that no one will forget.  You can transfer as little or as much of your old film as you want.

Your options:

Transfer to dvd without music
Transfer to dvd with music
Add titles
Editing of the footage after the transfer is complete
DVD copies
DVD duplication

If you have a dvd that you need duplicated, give us a call.  Prices are based on quantity needed and amount of data on the original.  We can finish off your project with sleeves, cases, printing, or anything else you may need.

Video for the web

More and more people are using websites like YouTube to post video.  We can give you some help in getting that video ready for the web.  Prices based on size of files and encoding requirements.